Battery testing equipment

Battery Test Equipment

In the 1960’s Megger produced the world’s first battery discharge test set with automated regulation and constant current.
Today’s Megger Torkel is the most intuitive discharge unit with spark free safe connections, automated test reporting and daisy chain cell monitoring. Due to unsurpassed quality – more than 40.000 units are in service around the globe.

More than 90 % of the battery test units in Macedonia are Megger
EVN has Megger Torkel 930 with Cell monitoring
Benning Psam uses Megger Torkel 950
T-mobile uses Megger Torkel
MEPSO has 2 sets Megger Torkel 930 with cell monitoring option
VIP uses Megger Bite for Batteries impedance testing
There are basically two methodologies for testing batteries.
The first, impedance testing is an on line test and can be performed frequently to identify individual weak cells before they fail.
The second, battery discharge test is, normally, an off-line test and tests the actual output of the whole battery under load conditions. This will show discharge curve equivalent to the one when the battery takes the load.

Battery Test Equipment Instruments

Battery ground fault locator


TXL830, TXL850, TXL865, TXL870 and TXL890
Extra load units for TORKEL battery test systems



Dual power 10 A micro-ohmmeter with results storage and downloading

Bite2 and Bite2P

Battery Impedance Tester < 7000Ah

BVM, BVM300 and BVM600
Battery voltage monitor




Geolux GL 660-1

Cable ground fault locator


Battery Impedance Test Equipment

2 A bond tester


BITE Receiver

Battery Impedance Test Equipment Receiver

10 A DLRO test leads
A selection of test leads for low resistance ohmmeters


BITE Accessories

BITTE Battery Test Accessories

10 A micro-ohmmeter with dual power diagnostics