Motor test equipment

Motor Test Equipment

The Baker Instrument business, acquired by Megger in 2018, is one of the world’s leading rotating equipment test and measurement suppliers and is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The product range includes both static and dynamic electric motor testing used for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, manufacturing and repair - all of which are complementary to our existing range of electrical industrial test equipment.
Megger Baker Instruments’ are capable of :
-    Finding and evaluating turn to turn fault, measuring PD inception voltage and insulation diagnostic.
-    Dynamic analyzers use algorithms for torque measurement. Additionally they do current , voltage and torque spectral analysis for finding faults that are not possible to find with any other available technique. Current signature analysis is also part of Megger dynamic motor testers for finding Rotor bar problems . Additionally EXP 4000 is recording transient and in rush currents, power quality and VFD related issues.

Static electric motor analysers

Baker AWA-IV

Static Motor Analyser


Baker DX

Static Motor Analyser

Baker PPX Power Packs

High voltage motor tester

MTR 105

Rotating Machine Tester

Diynamic electric motor analysers

Baker EXP 4000

Dynamic motor analyser

Baker NetEP

Online Motor Analysis System

Electric motor QC systems

Baker WinAST

Automated Stator Testing System

Baker WinTATS

Traction Armature Testing System

PD testing on motors and generators


Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems


Power Diagnostix-Partial Discharge

Measurement Devices ICMsystem