• The only one that fully tests your instruments to the regs.
  • Tests the full range of your tester’s capability not just what’s easy
  • Won’t trip RCD protected circuits
  • Checks insulation, continuity, loop and RCD functions of testers
  • Works with all testers for Part P Certification

The Megger MTB7671 instrument test box is produced by Britain’s premier test instrument manufacturer. For that reason it tests your testers to the requirements of British Standards.

Nobody understands the requirements and intentions of the Standards better than Megger, so why waste your money on a lesser product?

Certification bodies like the NICEIC, ELECSA and others now request evidence of your tester’s accuracy and consistency.

The MTB7671 makes that an easy job.

You can test the insulation resistance, continuity, earth loop impedance, PFC, RCD and voltmeter functions of you testers quickly and easily, recording the test results on the record cards included in the pack. There are also self-adhesive test labels for your tester.

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