Equipment for testing Transformers

Equipment for testing Transformers

Megger is the world’s biggest manufacturer of Transformer test equipment and offers widest portfolio of transformer test equipment.
The world’s first and most advanced test van capable of full testing and diagnostics of power transformers was produced in Megger.
In 1992 dr. Peter Werilius from Megger invented the first instrument that uses frequency response and changed water content measurement in transformers.
More than a million units of the most reliable insulation resistance testers Megger are used around the globe for Transformer insulation resistance testing.
More than 90% of the transformers test equipment in Macedonia is Megger
Rade Koncar transformer service uses Megger instruments for Tan delta measurement on HV insulation, transformer oils breakdown voltage tester, insulation resistance testers.
Makitel Ohrid (transformer manufacturer uses Megger MTO 300) for simultaneous measurement of 6 windings resistance in 3 phase transformer, insulation resistance and other transformer test equipment.
Most of the transformer test equipment in EVN Macedonia is Megger: all the insulation resistance testers, turns ratio testers, windings resistance testers, Oil breakdown Voltage Testers etc.
Feni also uses Megger test equipment for turns ratio, insulation resistance and transformer oil testing
All of the equipment in Buchim mine Radovish is Megger: Oil breakdown voltage tester, water in oil testing, insulation resistance etc.
Major part of the transformer test equipment in Macedonian Railways, EMO Ohrid, Skopski Leguri, ELEKTANI NA Makedoniaj, and Makstil is Megger
Almost all inspection companies in Macedonia use Megger test equipment for transformer testing including TM Stip, Tehnicki Institut Negotino, Apave, ITIS, Elektroinvest, Elkoing etc.
Major part of the transformer test equipment in MEPSO is also Megger. Transformer turns ratio, several insulation resistance testers, instrument for measuring windings deformation Megger FRAX, 2 instruments for moisture in paper in transformer Megger IDAX, Power multifunction instrument, Water in transformer oil instrument Megger KF lab, and oil breakdown voltage tester.

Transformers are an integral part of the power grid. Their reliability directly impacts the reliability of the grid. The failure of this critical asset can handicap the grid and increase its volatility. Because replacing a high voltage transformer requires planning for many reasons, including long manufacturing lead times that can exceed a full year, it is widely accepted that asset management, particularly of transformers, is a beneficial contribution to the operation of the grid.
Megger’s comprehensive set of transformer testing tools provides a complete view of your transformer’s health

Equipment for testing transformers

Complete transformer test systems

Power transformer test van
Comprehensive, portable transformer testing


Multifunction Transformer and Substation Test System

Transformer resistance testing

Load tap changer testing power supply

MWA300 and MWA330A
3-Phase ratio and winding resistance analyser

Transformer ohmmeter

Transformer ohmmeter

50 A Transformer ohmmeter

MTO300 and MTO330
Automated six-winding transformer ohmmeter

Turns ratio testing


Multifunction Transformer and Substation Test System



Transformer ratio standard

True 3 phase transformer turns ratiometer


Hand-held transformer tester

MWA300 and MWA330A
3-phase ratio and winding resistance analyser


Hand-held transformer tester

Semi automatic oil test set



Hand-held transformer tester

PowerDB Pro
Acceptance & maintenance test data management software


Single phase hand cranked transformer turns ratio tester

PD testing on transformers


PD Scan

Online PD handheld scanner


UHF PD Detector

Handheld online PD substation surveying system


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